Here I am, Nashville! Get ready!

So, I'm all moved in now, had my first show in Nashville on Monday, and am actively looking for a part-time job.
I'm SO EXCITED for the future. 
I have some more gigs in the works that will be announced once they are finalized. 
AND I'm currently looking for a band. I really miss my bandmates/best friends from Miami, John Keener and Russell Klein.
But, I'm going to have to get some new band-friends for my new chapter and new city.
So, if anyone knows a really great bassist, percussionist/drummer, and electric guitarist, let me know!!
I'm going to be putting out classified ads and posters very soon. 
I'm very eager to start collaborating with fellow musicians and artists in Nashville. 

ALSO, now that I'm moved in and settled and not so scattered, I'm going to finally film another "Kailey In Her Closet" cover video for youtube this weekend. 
So, stay tuned for that as well. I know it's been forever. 


P.S. I post on my tumblr more often than this blog. So, if you're interested, my tumblr is KAILS23.TUMBLR.COM.