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"Lua" - Bright Eyes cover video 

This song was one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar almost 10 years ago. I apologize for the one curse word in the second verse. I couldn't think of a suitable substitute and I didn't feel right changing the artist's lyrics. It's a beautiful song, and I hope you enjoy it. 

"All I Ever Wanted" Music Video 

Here is the music video for "All I Ever Wanted" created with footage from my wedding this past march!

and me performing the song live during the reception

"Melody" Music Video 

My new music video for "Melody" is on youtube!

I also have a few other videos I've posted lately:

"(One of those) Crazy Girls" by Paramore

"You Belong to Me" by The Duprees & Jason Wade


You read that right!
I have a new 5-song EP coming in just a few short months.
I've been working on it on and off for about a month now with some wonderful musicians from MTSU. 
Tracking guitars next week and then we're doing vocals a few weeks after that. 
Then mastering, printing, etc.
AND there will be a music video!

Exciting things coming.
Don't forget to read my new blog at


Hey! I've decided to make my blog on!
So, please check out for future updates, musings on life, etc. 



Hey! I just posted a new "Kailey In Her Closet" cover video. This time I did the title track off of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals new album, "The Lion, The Beast, The Beat." 
Head over to my Youtube! OR click the picture below!
Hope you enjoy it! And, if you do, show your friends and family! Spread the word! <3 

Here I am, Nashville! Get ready! 

So, I'm all moved in now, had my first show in Nashville on Monday, and am actively looking for a part-time job.
I'm SO EXCITED for the future. 
I have some more gigs in the works that will be announced once they are finalized. 
AND I'm currently looking for a band. I really miss my bandmates/best friends from Miami, John Keener and Russell Klein.
But, I'm going to have to get some new band-friends for my new chapter and new city.
So, if anyone knows a really great bassist, percussionist/drummer, and…Read more

Yes, I am alive! 

Hi! I haven't updated this blog in FOREVER. Life has been crazy. I apologize.
I graduated from college in May and it was very exciting and a huge milestone.
I've been having a really chill summer since then.
But, NOW, I am in NASHVILLE, TN! My new city!
I am here with my mom looking for housing this week and then starting on Friday I am going to go to Michigan for a family get-together.
Starting July 16th I will be in Nashville for good, trying to make it as a singer/songwriter.
If you know anyone I…Read more


 Hope everyone had a great holiday break. I sure did!
Now, I'm back in school for my last semester of college and sometime in late summer of this year I will be 
moving to Nashville! Crazy.

I have 3 new shows posted to the calendar, all of which are in the Miami area, and two of which are FREE.
Hope to see you there. :)



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